Mission Statement

Shorts Lifts (Pty) Ltd:

Strive to provide excellent customer service and to supply only such quality Lifts, which have been thoroughly engineered to conform to appropriate Lift standards.

Heed and maintain a responsible attitude towards all its employees, respecting their dignity, paying fair rewards and developing their potential.

Adopt a sound and ethical approach to its business that will ensure acceptable returns for its investors, long term security for Employees and at the same time enhance the company’s reputation with both clients and suppliers.

Pursue and maintain an active and vigorous Safety System that ensures Lift safety standards and general safe working procedures are always enforced in our Lift manufacturing processes and Lift site operations for the benefit of all our employees and clients.

Exercise due care and concern towards the community at large and our environment in the planning and execution of all business practice.

Understand the concept that each employee in our Lift company is an essential part of our team and we must work together to deliver outstanding quality and service.

Prepare to go the “extra mile” to meet committed obligations.


At Shorts Lifts our Vision is to maintain and expand our leadership and develop our expertise within the specialised position we hold in the Lift Industry.

We endeavour to continue empowering people with disabilities, through facilitating safe and convenient transport inside multi-storey buildings. We plan to continue adding value to commercial buildings and private homes through providing quality Lifts for transporting Passengers and Goods.

We will continue to provide a learning environment for our staff and will provide significant opportunities for career development for our staff members within the Lift industry.



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